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Our Products

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Our Products

Our chief products are copper, cobalt, pyrite, acid and anode slimes. Copper is primarily used in the manufacture of electrical products. Cobalt is used in the manufacture of scientific products. Pyrite and acid are used in the chemical industry. Anode slimes can be used for extraction of minerals contained in them.



KCM produces two types of copper cathode. The REC brand is a Grade A from the refinery at Nkana and is listed on the London Metal Exchange. The KBC product is a Grade A product from the Tailings Leach Plant tank houses in Chingola.

KCM's copper cathodes from the Nchanga smelter and produced from the Nkana refinery have a purity level of 99.99 per cent copper. These cathodes meet international quality standards and are registered as "REC" ("A" Grade) on the London Metal Exchange ("LME"). KCM also produces a Kabundi copper cathode, which is marketed as "KBC" from its TLP at Nchanga. The major uses of copper cathodes are in the manufacture of copper rods for the wire and cable industry and copper tubes for consumer durable goods. Copper cathodes are also used for making alloys like brass, bronze and alloy steel, with applications in transportation, electrical appliances and machinery, defence and construction.


Nampundwe Head Gear

The Nampundwe mine, situated just outside Lusaka, produces pyrite concentrate as auto-thermal feed for the Smelter. Some pyrite is also sold to Chambishi Metals for use in the processing of cobalt oxide concentrates in their smelting plant.

Anode Slimes


KCM produces anode slimes from its refining operations at Nkana Operations. The slimes are sold to third parties on long-term contracts for the recovery of the contained minerals.



With the commissioning of KCM's new Nchanga smelter, KCM is able to recover cobalt in copper concentrates. This cobalt, which is produced in the form of a copper-cobalt alloy, is marketed to cobalt processing plants. In addition to cobalt alloy, the Company produces cobalt. Cobalt concentrate is derived from cobalt ore that is mined at KCM's Nchanga Open-Pit Cut II operations.

Sulphuric Acid

Tailings Leach Plant

KCM's new Nchanga smelter complex houses a 1850 ton per day sulphuric acid plant, which produces enough sulphuric acid for KCM TLP consumption and the excess is sold to the market. The major market for export sulphuric acid is DRC, while Chambishi Metals and Kansanshi Mining are the major local consumers.