1.Our Social Values

  • Commitment to sustainable economic development
  • Inclusiveness of all stakeholders through strong partnership model
  • Capacity Building of local communities and institutions
  • Community Participation through an engagement process
  • Resource sharing by mobilization KCM’s core competencies – skills, material resources, through national and international linkages

2.Our Focus

Konkola Copper Mines spent over $120 million in the last nine years on Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programmes. Through this expansive CSI, KCM operates two hospitals in Chingola and Chilabombwe and eight satellite clinics, which provide quality health care to the company’s employees, their families and communities around its operation areas. Konkola Copper Mines also runs secondary and primary schools, supports early childhood education and provides support to sustainable livelihoods, focusing mainly on agricultural programmes. In 2012, Konkola Copper Mines constructed some roads leading into mining townships. The company is also the largest sponsor of football in the country, with four teams competing in the top-tier league. KCM finances programmes that are intended to preserve Zambia’s cultural heritage through cultural groups and arts in its areas of operation. Other assistance is rendered to minority sport and environmental programmes. The company has previously undertaken projects to modernize government offices in Kitwe and supports various government and community programmes that promote national unity through national events celebrated on the annual calendar, including those to honour the youths and women. The company also supports programmes aimed at ensuring the environment and aqua life is preserved by sponsoring the planting of trees annually and restocking one of Zambia’s longest rivers, the Kafue River, with fingerlings annually. KCM’s efforts have been widely recongised by institutions such as the Zambia National Arts Council, for promoting cultural heritage, and the National Sports Council & Sport in Action, for its involvement in promoting culture and sport.


Konkola Copper Mines finances conventional health care services through its two hospitals in Chingola and Chililabombwe and eight satellite clinics. Apart from these services, the company also provides numerous interventions in HIV/AIDS. Over 3,000 people access free ARVs from KCM health facilities and 500 people are on nutritional supplements under the care of over 200 counselors and peer educators. KCM has also pioneered the Rollback Malaria programme, comprising indoor residue spraying campaign, which has reduced malaria incidences from over 100/1,000 in 2000 to below 20/1,000 in 2013. More than 41,000 households have been covered annually. It has also financed the Diabetic Eye Care programme, which has touched over 2,000 diabetic patients through the eye-sight improvement initiative in 6 districts of the Copperbelt region, while 173 eye operations have been conducted since 2008, with at least 77 schools and 41 community centres previously covered under the company’s eye cataract camps and over 23,000 people provided with free eye glasses. These health services are accessed by employees and communities in the mining areas.

4.Education Support

Konkola Copper Mines believes that education unlocks greater possibilities for individuals and enhances national economic development. The company runs secondary and primary schools with over 2,000 pupils in Chingola and Chililabombwe, offering education from pre-grade to A-levels. Expansion of classrooms and laboratories has recently taken place at these schools in order to increase enrolments. The company has provided 64 high school best performers with scholarships to study at universities in Zambia and overseas in mining fields and other related disciplines and also medicine since 2010. The company also supports early childhood education by providing 320 children at two KCM-funded modern early childhood education centres with free education and meals. The company has promoted computer literacy for more than 9,000 pupils in 19 government-run schools by providing over 400 computers and back-up support and training to teachers to handle information technology subjects. It has also assisted to expand government-run schools by building new classroom blocks and providing clean water and sanitary facilities. Each year, 20 scholarships are awarded to high achievers in these schools.

5.Sustainable Livelihood Enhancement Project

In 2012, KCM in conjunction with the NGO Village Water launched a $2 million Enhanced Sustainable Livelihood Project, a 5-year programme aimed at wealth-creation and promoting food security in areas of KCM operations. This extensive programme provides communities, especially women, with livestock – dairy and draft cattle – to enable them to be economically self-reliant. At least 5,000 families are expected to benefit from the project by 2017. Beneficiaries of this programme are already utilizing cow dung as manure for growing vegetables and maize. Many of them have significantly increased yields in their gardens and fields, and are supplying large super market chains with vegetables and exporting surplus to markets in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The expansive project is a build-up on the rural livelihood programme, which has impacted the lives of more than 9,000 families. It has since attracted the attention of the Government of the Republic of Zambia, which plans to adopt the model to improve livelihoods for other communities around the country. KCM believes that food security is the cornerstone of long-lasting development and the company has empowered over 2,400 families in small-scale legume farming to improve food security, linking 35 self-help youth and women groups to the project. About 827 people from these groups have been trained in entrepreneurship and provided with micro loans.


Konkola Copper Mines has been instrumental in supporting sport. The company has the biggest single football sponsorship by a private company in the history of Zambian soccer. It runs four football clubs, three of them in the top tier 16-team Zambian super league and one in the division one south league. The company pioneered private sector sponsorship of the entire national football league, which it funded for six years. The KCM teams in the top league are Nchanga Rangers, Konkola Blades, which was among the first teams to play organized football in the country under the name Bancroft Blades and Konkola Mine Police, while Nampundwe FC plies its trade in the second tier division one South league. The KCM teams provide alternative employment to talented around 160 talented footballers.

7.Football News