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KCM restocks Mushishima stream with 50,000 fingerlings


Konkala Copper Mines (KCM) has restocked Mushishima stream in Chingola with 50,000 fingerlings and launched a tree-planting programme at Chingola Prisons and selected local schools.

Chingola District Commissioner George Sichula officiated at the two events to mark the World Environment Day on June 5.

Mr. Sichula said the gesture by KCM was a mark of a good corporate citizen as it is in line with the Governments policy to boost the availability of food and to preserve the environment.

KCM is contributing to a noble cause through fish restocking of the river and the planting of trees”, Mr. Sichula said.

KCM has since 2009 to date restocked 180,000 fingerlings in the Kafue River and its tributary, Mushishima stream, through fish restocking programmes done in conjunction with Mwekera Research Centre. Mr. Sichula said he is pleased that KCM has also planted 53,134 trees between 2007 and 2012.

KCM General Manager Processing, Enock Mponda said the company would continue to contribute to environmental programmes, especially in areas around its operations.

KCM prioritises environmental captaincy in all areas of our operations. This is an undertaking we have always paid attention to as demonstrated in our regular fish restocking programmes”, Mr. Mponda said.

The fish restocking exercise has become an important means for KCM to stimulate and focus global attention on the environment and to encourage political attention and action”, he added.

Mr. Mponda advised fishermen against using illegal fishing methods which are depleting fish stocks.

Last year, KCM signed an agreement with the Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, and the Department of Forestry, which will culminate in the planting of one million trees in the next 10 years.